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About Builders CPD

What is Builders CPD and who needs it?

CPD stands for ‘Continued Professional Development’ If you have a building license or a pool building licence or certificate, you’re required to do CPD.

Are there any exceptions to CPD?

Yes, but in limited circumstances, usually relating to injury or illness at the time of your renewal application. Each case is decided on its own merits.

Do I need CPD if I only work part time or I'm taking some time off?

Yes, to keep your licence or certificate you have to do CPD. This ensures you keep up-to-date with legal responsibilities as well as new products, systems and technologies. This will benefit you and your customers.

What if I'm retired?

If you want to keep your license, you must continue to do CPD.


About your responsibilities

Do I need to keep records?

Yes, you are required to keep a diary record of your CPD activities and the  certificate we provide you. If you are audited by Fair Trading you will need these to prove you complied with the CPD requirements.

How will Fair Trading know if I haven't done my CPD?

Fair Trading conducts regular and random audits and they will cross check the information you give them with the training provider.

What happens if I don't do CPD?

It’s a criminal offence under the Crimes Act 1900 to deliberately make a false of misleading statement on your application when you renew your licence or certificate. Your license might be cancelled as a result or in some cases, Fair Trading may even take disciplinary action against you. 

How long do I have to keep CPD records?

You are required to keep CPD records for at least three license periods.

About 101 Builder Training

Who are 101 Builder Training?

101 Builder Training are experts in the delivery of online course and student management systems. We work with a number of different RTO’s to deliver nationally recognised training programs. 

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. If you’re not completely satisfied with our training, simply contact us and we will cheerfully refund your money.  

Why should I train with you?

It’s very simple – value for money. We monitor the RTO’s delivering CPD course material to make sure we always deliver the best value for money in the market. We do the legwork, so you don’t have to.

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